Wonder Woman

There’s been a lot of good Wonder Woman graphic novels. More than you might think. We like these:

The Circle – A strong start to Gail Simone’s five volume run on Wonder Woman, mixing elements from past incarnations to establish a character forged in myth, but at home in the 21st century, be it on Earth or in space. By Gail Simone, Bernard Chang and Terry Dodson.

Contagion –  Gail Simone’s valedictory run is as strong as her opener, satisfyingly revisiting and tying up plots while providing the full dose of entertainment. Creepy children! Alien invasions! Power Girl! Green Lantern! By Gail Simone, Chris Batista, Fernando Dagnino, Aaron Lopresti, and Nicola Scott.

Diana Prince, Wonder Woman Vol 1 – Wonder Woman without her costume and powers seems a strange idea, but this late 1960s diversion reconfigured her into an action heroine equally deserving of the name. By Denny O’Neil and Mike Sekowsky.

Diana Prince, Wonder Woman Vol 2 – A second dose of Diana Price, super spy, with martial arts training is as entertaining as the first, now with the artist showing surprising writing skills while maintaining the vivid and energetic art. By Robert Kanigher, Denny O’Neil and Mike Sekowsky.

Eyes of the Gorgon – A defining battle with the terrifying Medusa in eight action packed chapters filled with heroism and human drama. It’s the best of a generally good run, exemplifying the diplomat and the mythical warrior. By Greg Rucka, Drew Johnson, James Raiz and Sean Phillips.

Mission’s End –  Greg Rucka concludes his five volume stay on Wonder Woman by referencing a lot of what occurred during his first volume. Wonder Woman is far more integrated into the modern world and the wider DC universe. By Greg Rucka, David Lopez, Rags Morales and Cliff Richards.

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman Vol. 3 – A veritable smogosbord of approaches in this fine anthology featuring Wonder Woman as advisor, diplomat, friend, peace-keeper, UN Ambassador and warrior. An extremely high standard of art and great variety. Vol 1 is also good.

The True Amazon – A stunning look back at lessons learned by the young Diana while still among the Amazons. An almost fairy tale quality imbues a picturesque artistic approach and an impressive character study that won an Eisner Award in 2017. By Jill Thompson.

Who is Wonder Woman? – Making sense of Wonder Woman’s assorted incarnations and the assorted people to bear that name had become very difficult by 2008, but this redefinition integrates everything to provide a new purpose. By Allan Heinberg and Terry Dodson.

Wonder Woman by George Pérez Vol. 1 – Back in 1987 Wonder Woman’s comic was uninspired, but while his art was adored, few could have predicted how utterly successful a George Pérez reboot would be by reuniting Wonder Woman with Greek myth. By George Pérez, Len Wein and Greg Potter.