Are you interested in contributing to the Slings & Arrows Graphic Novel Guide? Read the content below, and if you’re okay with all that then get in touch via the contact page. Please note that the site currently makes little profit, so payment for reviews is small.

You don’t have to have written reviews before. If you have an opinion and think you can express it articulately, then give it a try. We’ll offer guidance and pointers, but will tell you if we don’t think your writing is good enough. This will be in a constructive fashion, but if this is likely to cause upset have a think before applying.

If you are going to try, we’ll expect you to commit to a single sample review for assessment, then at least a further nine reviews of between 250 and 600 words, and to have them submitted within two months. These reviews should be accurate, fair-minded and informative, and should include a balance of graphic novels you like, and some you don’t. We can supply random digital review copies if you’d like. Don’t review single graphic novels that are part of a long series

You’ll have to sign up to the site to contribute, and to access documents such as the terms and conditions and writer’s guidelines.

Don’t submit reviews without contacting us first. Contributors will be working on material that’s not yet online. We don’t want to waste your time.

We will edit your review, and while we’ll contact you about any major changes, you’ll have to accept subbing. Our editorial decision will be final.

You will own the copyright to all reviews you write, but once a review is published, it’s on the understanding that you’ll give us six months notice before withdrawing the content. It’s also a condition that the review is exclusive to Slings and Arrows while with us, unless we’ve given an exception in writing.

We don’t want people reviewing their own work. If we have reasonable grounds to assume this is the case all your material will be removed and there will be no further payments.

Any profits are split 50/50 between company and contributors. Anyone submitting ten reviews that we can publish will be included in the profit sharing from the point their reviews are published. Please note, while the site generates small payments, as yet they don’t reflect the effort put in, and we cannot guarantee that will ever change. Also bear in mind that there are already over 12,500 reviews on the site before you’ve contributed anything.

If this all sounds acceptable, contact us and we’ll take it from there.