We like these sites, and hope you’ll find something worthwhile yourself.


Bear Alley – If you want information on an old British comic, the chances are you’ll find something about it on Stephen Holland’s brilliantly informative site.

Crushing Krisis – Want to know the chronological order of a character’s appearance in graphic novels? If they’re published by Marvel or Valiant the chances are Peter Marinari’s done the job for you.

The Grand Comics Database – A glorious attempt to index every comic ever. Want to know credits for an individual comic? Or where a story with a particular title has appeared? This is the place to go.

Mike’s Amazing World of Comics – Mike’s site sorts comics by their cover date. Check a month and see what was released that week. Click on a cover and learn the creators and where it’s been reprinted.

Lambiek Comiclopedia – Want to learn more about a particular creator? The chances are this fantastic Dutch site will be able to help.

European Comics & Graphic Novels in English – We haven’t reviewed everything yet, so to check just which European graphic novels have appeared in English, check here.



Broken Frontier falls between opinion and information, offering insightful comment on all aspects of independent and self-published comics.

The Comics Reporter – There can’t be many more informative sites that that of former Comics Journal editor Tom Spurgeon, and the many pages have a wealth of well-considered comment.

Down the Tubes – The emphasis is on British comics history, but that’s not exclusive to this site run by former Marvel UK editor John Freeman.

Fantasy Advertiser – The long-running British zine is now curated online by Slings and Arrows contributors Tony Keen and Will Morgan.

Now Read This – Win Wiacek contributes to Slings and Arrows, and also writes far more detailed reviews on his own site.

Paul Gravett – Is there anybody more knowledgeable, informative and enthusiastic about independent, small press and foreign language graphic novels than Paul Gravett? We don’t think so.

Comics Worth Reading – Don’t agree with reviews on this site? Perhaps Johanna Draper Carlson has a different opinion. Her reviews are consistently insightful and elegantly written.

Dredd Reckoning – Douglas Wolk only reaches 2013, but that’s still insightful reviews and commentary covering over 30 years of Judge Dredd and his world.


Publishers & Creators

In order to maintain our independence it wouldn’t be fair to link to some publishers or creators without linking to every publisher or creator. These links are easily located via search engine.