Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return was a lot of fun in places, but Bill & Ted Go to Hell is much better, if not quite excellent. This is despite Brian Joines relying more heavily on cast and locations from the Bill & Ted movies. Rufus, Death and Chuck De Nomolos are seen again, now mixed in with some of the historical characters from the first movie as they go to Hell only to discover it’s been turned into a water park. Now who would do a thing like that? Joines has a deft touch with the type of gags we want to see, pitches the dialogue perfectly, becoming more original when devising individual hells for each member of the cast in what’s a suitably cinematic story, one brief element possibly foreshadowing the 2020 movie.

Bachan is the alias of Mexican comic artist Sebastián Carrillo, with an international career dating back to the early 1990s, and a regular contributor to the Mexican edition of Mad Magazine. The vast experience accounts for the first rate cartooning, clear and open, nicely devised locations and a great way with the cast. His sheepish Death is wonderful, although the movies showed the way.

There’s surely not a significant character from the Bill & Ted movies that Joines doesn’t include, even down to a sequence for Little Bill and Little Ted, yet they all slot in logically, in the right place and without ever crowding the story. For it to work completely the fudging over how someone manages to overcome God has to be overlooked, but everything else is great. If you loved the movies you’ll love Bill & Ted Go to Hell. Thankfully the same creative team return for Bill & Ted Save the Universe.