Agatha: The Real Life of Agatha Christie – A forthright, pragmatic, independent and thoughtful woman who just happened to be the foremost writer of crime thrillers of her era is brought to life in simple ligne claire style. Anne Martinetti, Guillame LeBeau, Alexandre Franc and SelfMadeHero.

Audubon: On the Wings of the World – An intuitive script derived from his writings brings the pioneer of bird illustration and classification to life, yet illustrated in a sketchy style diametrically aopposed to Audubon’s own precision. Fabien Grolleau, Jérémie Royer and Nobrow.

Buddha – At eight volumes of excellence is Buddha the greatest biography in graphic novel form? What’s known about Buddha’s life forms the basis of a vast tale encompassing his teachings, his talents and diverting into the stories of his followers and enemies. Osamu Tezuka, Vertical Books.

Capote in Kansas – Extraodinary visual characterisation abounds in this nuanced telling of Truman Capote’s trip to Holcomb , scene of an inexplicable killing in 1959, the research resulting in his best regarded work, In Cold Blood. Ande Parks, Chris Samnee and Oni Press.

Freud – A deft weaving of Freud’s life and contemporaries with his key ideas on exploring the unconscious and case studies into a dense fifty pages. It’s packed with ideas, wit and humour, making Freud a joy to read. Corinne Maier, Anne Simon and Nobrow

Josphine Baker – Celebrated and loved in France, Josephine Baker’s skin colour rendered her a pariah in her American homeland for much of her life. A free spirit and civil rights pioneer, her enterprise and courage deserves this fullsome biography. Catel Muller, José-Louis Bocquet and SelfMadeHero.

The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck – Cheating? Possibly, but Scrooge McDuck’s character  and past is brought to life with the skill any biographer, taking him from his birth into a poor Scottish family to the reclusive tighwad we know via the great adventures that shape him. Don Rosa and Boom! Studios.

Louis Riel – The extraordinary life of a Canadian politician who shaped his country in the 19th century economically told, yet without missing any defining moment. The exquisite simplicity of the art with its understated cross-hatching is the icing on the cake. Chester Brown and Drawn & Quarterly.

Pedro and Me – Before his comic career Judd Winick starred in an early series of MTV’s The Real World, where he met Pedro Zamora, who challenged his preconceptions and results in an inspiring biographical tale. Judd Winick and Square Fish

Thoreau – Maximilien Le Roy concentrates on the final eighteen years of the life of one of history’s most influential thinkers, whose writings on civil disobedience, ecology, naturalism, poetry and philosophy are of continuing relevance. Brilliantly illustrated by A. Dan. From NBM Publishing.