“I was so scared I nearly did an emergency wee!”

Down in the woods, Park Ranger Derek P. Brigstocke is determined to find where all the strange explosions and noises originate. Meanwhile Bunny rallies Pig and Weenie to defend the woods against the coming of the Hew-Mans. Skunky has a new nemesis and Monkey is still winding Bunny up. For the meantime they’re united against a common foe but for how long? Especially since Skunky and Le Fox know something, and Bunny‘s going to find out what.

Had a hard day? Need to cheer yourself up? Do you find slapstick action, puerile humour and bum jokes amusing but strangely soothing? Then Bunny Vs Monkey is for you! It doesn’t matter which one of the four books you pick up, they are all good fun! Throughout the previous books potential plot points were hinted at. Door B was one of them, and now creator Jamie Smart starts joining the plot points together. It definitely streamlines the story with little effect on BVsM‘s charming randomness. The problem with the series is that it tends to recycle jokes. Its comedy partly lies in slapstick escapades generated by its various characters, and slapstick is only funny for so long. Toilet humour will also wear thin. No pun intended. To his credit Smart recognises this, even teasing himself with dialogue like “I know how this goes”. It’s difficult being funny for one book, never mind four, so this very impressive. His dialogue is a winner though, still very funny even if the big belly laughs seem fewer apart now. Artistically his cartooning is always improving. Smart effortlessly generates a sense of chaos within the pages with astounding detail. Occasionally there is so much detail it crowds the page yet it is still clear and sharp, particularly facial expressions. While it has downsides it enhances the illustrative storytelling and builds gags.

Bunny Vs Monkey is random, mental, zany, crazy, silly, very comedic and fun whatever your age. Smart’s affably energetic cartoons are endearing. His comedic timing scores more than it misses. And he’s enjoying himself. Can he keep it up? That remains to be seen but we certainly hope so. Here’s looking forward to Bunny Vs Monkey Book 5.