Having conquered television, Buffy the Vampire Slayer began a similar campaign with her monthly comic written by Andi Watson and offering smart, sassy tales which perfectly complimented the funny, action-packed and tres hip onscreen entertainment. Watson also provides an endearing illustrated introduction.

At this point he’s writing standalone stories, so this can be read whether or not The Remaining Sunlight has already been consumed. Alternatively Both are part of the third Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus. This time Hector Gomez is the artist of more stories set during TV Season Two.

‘White Christmas’ finds the Slayer strapped for cash and forced to work at the local Mall to make money for gifts and a new party dress. However, as Sunnydale is situated on The Hellmouth and Buffy is a certified weirdness magnet, her shifts at The Popsicle Parlor inevitably lead to demon-denting overtime. Her boss Mr. Richter is spending all his idle moments in the Big Freezer summoning infuriating ice imps and giant killer Frost Elementals.

Having survived that cataclysmic Yule duel relatively unscathed, the Scooby Gang – Willow, Cordelia, Oz, Xander and Buffy – look forward to a ‘Happy New Year’ party, until dusty, crusty Lore Librarian (and Buffy’s supernature tutor) Giles discovers a gigantic hell-hound raiding his book stacks and the crazy kids are set hot on its heels.

Xander finds himself obsessed with pretty transfer student Cynthia in ‘New Kid on the Block Part 1’ (co-written with Dan Brereton), with his pathetic, fawning, drooling attentions cruelly mocked by his best friends – and rightly so. His infantile ardour is hardly halted when the girls decide to have a slumber party even though he’s not invited. Determined not to miss out (and certainly not creepy at all), the hapless idiot decides to sneak into the night of nail varnish, romcoms and pink pyjamas but is horrified to discover that he’s not the only intruder.

Buffy, exhausted from staking a new band of bloodsuckers plaguing the town, is almost too late to save the day in ‘New Kid on the Block Part 2’, but after driving off the monster party-crashers, confers with noble vampire boyfriend Angel and realises that even though able to move around in daylight, Cyn might not be all she seems.

With covers by Gomez, Randy Green, Rick Ketchum, Arthur Adams and Joyce Chin, this is an enchanting mix of post-ironic Archie Comics hijinks and madcap magical martial arts mysteries. Early Buffy yarns are pure, light-hearted rollercoaster thrills, spills and chills no fan should resist. Bad Blood is next.