For us ‘All-Ages’ isn’t just a synonym for children’s books. The books we recommend may be created for children, but the craft is such that adults can enjoy them also. Please note that while all recommended books on this list are suitable for all-ages, this doesn’t apply to  all works reached by the creator links.

Astro Boy Omnibus Vol 1 – When he finished the Astro Boy series in 1975 creator Osamu Tezuka personally selected the content for collections from his vast output, and the stories of the robot boy charm, thill and delight in equal measure. Osamu Tezuka and Dark Horse Books.

Adventures in Oz – Originally created in the 1980s, these wonderful stories continuing the lives of Frank L. Baum’s Oz cast have thankfully had a long shelf life. Fantastic art and an imagination to rival Baum ensures these stories are equally timeless. Eric Shanower and IDW Publishing.

Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde: The Happy Prince – A beautifully drawn adaptation of Wilde’s best known fairy tale, about the spirit inhabting the statue of a young price looking over the city’s squalor and deprivation. “A sheer and pure beauty to the pages”. P. Craig Russell and NBM Publishing.

Hilda and the Black Hound – The fourth Hilda adventure brings the mythic and folklore elements to the town in which Hilda now lives, subtly connecting the seemingly disparate encounters she has during a very busy day. Luke Pearson and Flying Eye Books.

Nightlights – Stunningly illustrated fantasy about the power of art, as Sandy draws the mysterious creations she brings to life each night from the strange lights that circulate in her room. A fairy tale for the modern age.  Lorena Alvarez and Nobrow.

Star Cat Book 01 – The anarchic spirit of the 1950s and 1960s Beano lives on in these wildly imaginative tales of an incompetent spaceship crew and their cat shaped craft. Page after page of gigglesome slapstick fun. James Turner and David Fickling Books.

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade – The early adventures of Superman’s 12 year old cousin, poignant and funny as she comes to terms with a new planet where she has super powers. “A superhero book to engage and delight”. Landry Q. Walker, Eric Jones and DC.

Tintin: The Calculus Affair – It’s a rare Tintin book not crafted to the highest standards, but The Calculus Affair ranks among the best. It’s a detective story with two neighbouring countries on the verge of war. Can Tintin prevent this? Hergé and Egmont/Little, Brown.

Uncle Scrooge: The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan – Whether short comedy story or longer adventure tale, Carl Barks’ stories of Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck are timeless joys for adult and child alike, and this hardcover presentation is a book for a lifetime. Carl Barks and Fantagraphics Books.

Yakari and the Great Eagle – The opening volume of a whole series of beautifully illustrated books celebrating Native American culture and the beauty of nature. Yakari can talk to the animals, and has a wild and adventurous spirit himself. By Job, Derib and Cinebook.