Mason Mooney: Doppelgänger Detective

Writer / Artist
Mason Mooney: Doppelgänger Detective
Mason Mooney: Doppelgänger Detective review
  • UK publisher / ISBN: Flying Eye - 978-1-83874-003-0
  • Volume No.: 2
  • Release date: 2021
  • UPC: 9781838740030
  • Contains adult content?: no
  • Does this pass the Bechdel test?: yes
  • Positive minority portrayal?: yes

Mason Mooney’s return is very welcome, as is a return to Grimbrook and the paranormal manifestations occuring there. These are strongest on Halloween, when the barrier between our world and that of spooky creatures is at its thinnest.

Seaerra Miller introduced an interesting world and fully formed cast in Mason Mooney: Paranormal Investigator, and everyone we want to see returns here. There’s plucky Iris, prepared to put up with Mason’s ego and lack of heart, and hunky teenage TV investigator of the paranormal Trent Reilly, whose spots have cleared up, but he still wears a brace. And, as the title tells us, this time round there are two Masons, which should make dealing with any paranormal threat simple.

With the cast already solid, this time Miller spends some time fleshing out Grimbrook, town and school, and why it’s such a magnet for the supernatural. It’s a simple, yet smart device opening up all kinds of possibilities for Mason’s future adventures. As before, Miller combines pages of comics to move the story forward, and text accompanying illustrations when explanations are needed. It’s a best of both worlds combination, and the drawing is character and comedy-rich and packed with small details when there’s space for them. Someone should make a stained glass window from her pin-up of Constance C. Cassiopeia surrounded by paranormal creatures.

Once again the story is funny and engaging, and once again, despite all Mason’s boasting, it’s Iris who has the skills necessary to save the day. This time, though, Miller makes sure credit is given where credit is due, if in a backhanded way. She herself should receive credit for a second spooky treat that’s perhaps slightly too scary for an all-ages recommendation, but should thrill anyone of late primary school age and above. There are still intriguing matters to resolve, so more Mason Mooney should be forthcoming. Good.