Mission Statement

Why bother with this website when there are plenty of graphic novel reviews to be found elsewhere?

Well, there is no all-encompassing specialist graphic novel website of this nature. Beyond that, with other sites hosting a considerable number of graphic novel reviews open to public contribution, those motivated to write reviews are largely very enthusiastic or bitterly disappointed. Many one star reviews result from poor packaging.

Other sites will tell you everything is great, with the resulting lack of credibility.

We want to promote the best graphic novels, and we want you to buy them, but the Slings and Arrows site will never over-value sub-standard material for profit. All the reviews we publish are intended to be  constructive, informative, honest and fair-minded.

If that’s something you want to be part of, check out how you can contribute to the site.

This site is an update of The Slings and Arrows Comic Guide, first published by Aurum Press in 1997 then considerably updated and expanded by Slings and Arrows in 2003.